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Fee Remission Scheme 2024-2025
學費減免計劃 2024-2025

Notice to Applicants 申請人注意事項:
  1. We would like to remind you that the fee remission scheme application is necessary to apply for each academic year. It is required that you create a new application account for each year.
    學費減免計劃申請需要每個學年重新申請一次。您需要為每一學年建立新的申請帳戶, 以便學校處理該年度的申請。您在提交申請前仔細核對,以確保所有數據都是準確和完整的。
  2. After creating an account, you can log in at any time during the academic year to update or edit your information before submitting your application. However, please be aware that once your application is submitted, no further modifications will be possible.
    建立帳戶後,在提交申請表前,您可以在整個學年期間;隨時登入系統去更新或編輯您的資料。 但請注意,一旦提交了申請,將無法進行進一步的修改
  3. We encourage you to review your application carefully before submission to ensure all data is accurate and complete.
  4. Please ensure that you complete the entire application process on a personal computer.

Login with Email and PIN
請以電子郵件及 PIN 密碼登入

The PIN will be sent to your email after each new application.